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Amazing : Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path for bike riders !

Cycling is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel, and thanks to this solar-powered bike lane that glows in the dark, it just got even moreso.

No one can deny that cycling is a great eco-friendly way for fun, fitness and to enjoy the fresh air. So what if the bike riders have their own path. A glowy and shiny one, Cool isn’t it?

You might be wondering how technology can go so far and think about inventing the luminous cycling blue strip for bike lovers. This technology showed up at first in Netherlands.. Lucky them

The concept is all about a synthetic material that can give out light for up to ten hours at a time once charged by the sun throughout the day. Such a brilliant idea… Therefore, if you were a bike rider just hope that this technology will be implemented in your country in the near future.


Check out video of Poland’s glowing bike trail:

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